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Simply Married

A Simple, Easy and Affordable Wedding

There comes a time for some couples when they just want to get married. The big budget with all of the planning, deciding and preparing is just not what they have in mind. 


Instead, they ask their most treasured family and closest friends to be there to celebrate with them, gather in a picturesque place, capture it all in pictures and simply get married. Or they even just make it just the two of them, the officiant and photographer. They want it simple.


If this is what you have in mind, then you have found your answer here. 


Paul of Marriage With Meaning has teamed up with Blake of SLOtography to provide you with everything that you need for your wedding and nothing you don’t. The same amount of love, smiles and tears as a big wedding plus a fully personalized and expressive ceremony and a professional photographer to capture everything for a lifetime of memories.


With experience of over 600 weddings between Paul and Blake, you’ll get a low-stress wedding that will be joyful, memorable and official. Paul will talk with you in depth, give you lots of ideas and options for your vows and will write a personalized ceremony for you as well as help you get your license. Blake will find out your style, make keen suggestions, skillfully shoot your wedding, edit and proof every photo and provide you with the ability to share it all with your loved ones almost immediately. We’ll even give you some choices of our favorite beautiful and convenient locations. It doesn’t get any better or easier for you.


To find out more, just let us know the date and time you have in mind and we will get back to you promptly. Everything can be set up and booked within a few minutes and then we’re on!


Package Price: $850 ~ for everything!


Package includes:


  • Officiant and Photographer

  • Necessary coordination & scheduling

  • Location advice; beach, bluff, forest and more

  • Personalized ceremony

  • Complete photography package

  • Digital-edited wedding photos ~ 50+

  • 1 image texted to you ASAP following wedding and the rest sent to your email within 1 week

  • Wedding date should be within 21 days of booking

  • Full instructions on how to get the license, license witness included, filing the license afterwards

  • No limit of guests

  • Casual or formal

Photo by Blake Andrews

Image by SLOtography
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