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So that your wedding ceremony is personalized, extraordinary and memorable for you, I’m going to invest many hours into making it perfect; the ceremony your guests will say is the best they’ve ever experienced!


Part of what you’ll get from me:


  • I'll give you "Homework" for our interview with how to prepare for it

  • I’ll interview the two of you, hear your story and take notes

  • I’ll make creative suggestions on content options based on what I learn from you

  • I’ll write up, prepare and send in email suitable items for you to consider

  • I’ll write and edit your ceremony until it’s polished

  • I’ll communicate with you along the way

  • If I'm available and needed, I can fully coordinate your rehearsal or work it with your planner

  • I’ll travel and be early on your wedding day

  • I'll handle your Marriage License

  • I’ll follow up after your wedding day


Determining my fee is based upon the day of the week, time of day and location (my travel).

Tell me the date, time and location and I will give you a firm quote.

* Most Friday and Saturday ceremonies in my local area: $495 to $595

* Most Friday and Saturday ceremonies outside of my local area: $595-995

* Sunday bookings are very limited and add $150

* Location, day of the week and time of day can affect the price lower or higher.

* A Rehearsal is welcomed but not included in my fee.

Please note: Your ceremony is 100% written by me for you to be unique and personal to you, not a typical ceremony that is copied from the internet or spun from one person's perspective.

Since 2007 I have carefully developed a process of making your wedding ceremony exclusive to you, needing only minimal time from you.

My services includes meeting with you, all phone calls and email correspondence, providing vow choices and help writing your own, presenting other content options, writing of the full ceremony and preparation work, performing the ceremony as well as advising you with what you need to do to get your marriage license. I will also complete the license and file it with the county clerk afterwards as well as subsequent follow up.

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