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An Original Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony can be as unique as your love story! I specialize in creating a personalized ceremony that reflects the love and life you've built, the real foundation of your marriage.


I've found that a wedding ceremony should genuinely mirror the love and journey a couple has made and who better to tell that story than you! Through a candid conversation, we'll delve into your story, uncovering what you think and feel about one another. I listen and take extensive notes of your impressions, how you met, what you've grown to love, appreciate, and respect about one another, how your individual traits and qualities complement each other, and how you enhance each other’s lives. I'll offer suggestions to create a polished ceremony that not only pays tribute to your love but also strengthens your connection, leaving a lasting impression on you and your loved ones.


I'm a skilled interviewer and writer focused exclusively on crafting very personalized wedding ceremonies. I'm also an extensively experienced public speaker who knows every aspect of what a complete wedding ceremony requires of an officiant. And with inspiration from a rich history of past weddings I've conducted, I can offer you a wealth of unique options and fresh spins on any wedding tradition.


Check out my reviews and contact me today, I’d love to hear your plans!


I arrange a variety of personalized choices and versions of how you can say "I do" to one another.


Personal Vows

If you are considering writing your own vows, I'll provide you with detailed guidance to help you express your deepest sentiments.


Special Ceremonies

I can incorporate or reframe traditions so that they are even more meaningful to you or present new ideas you've never seen before.



I'll provide you with a unique selection of marriage and love related readings and will suggest creative ways to blend them into your ceremony.


The Marriage License

I give you precise, easy instructions on how to obtain your license anywhere in California. I carefully supervise the witness requirements and process your license with the appropriate County Clerk/Recorder office.


Rehearsal coordination

If you need a rehearsal, I'm very skilled at organizing and directing everyone so that your ceremony unfolds smoothly and I work with all planners.


Vendor partners

I've worked with countless other wedding services professionals and am happy to give you any referrals.


Contact me right now, as my calendar books up early.


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