A Personalized Wedding Ceremony

An elegant and meaningful wedding ceremony is composed with thoughtfulness and careful work in order to give voice to your commitment to love and marriage.

It is vitally important to me that your wedding ceremony reflect your unique relationship and your love as well as your intentions and vision of your future together.


In order to bring a "marriage with meaning" to you and your guests, I find out where the two of you have come from, what brought you together, what your relationship is about, where you are today and where you want to go.

As a professional wedding officiant, I believe that I have a keen understanding of the elements of a successful relationship and marriage, the intuition to perceive what is important to you as a couple, the writing skills to express those concepts into your wedding ceremony and the speaking skills to make your wedding day memorable for all.


In preparation, I will present you with options for important elements such as:


  •  Vows

I will arrange a variety of personalized choices and versions of how you can say "I do" to one another.


  • Personal Vows

If you are considering writing your own vows and need help, I will provide you with guidance to help you to express your deepest sentiments.


  • Readings

I'll provide you with a selection of marriage and love related readings from many authors, poets and literature and I'll suggest creative ways to blend them into your ceremony.


  • Special Ceremonies

I write custom and original Unity Candle, Sand, Wine, Handfasting, Interactive and other special ceremonies specifically for you.


  • The Marriage License

I will give you precise, easy instrctions on how to obtainin your license anywhere in California. On the day of the ceremony, I will carefully instruct and supervise the witness requirements and complete my section. After your wedding I'll file your license with the appropriate County Clerk/Recorder office.


  • Rehearsal coordination

If you need a rehearsal, I am very skilled at organizing and directing everyone so that your ceremony unfolds smoothly.


  • Venues

Suggestions, information, photos, maps and driving directions to great local places to hold your ceremony.


  • Partner Links

I've worked with countless other wedding services professionals and I'm happy to give you any referrals.


All of this information and more is available to you with my service.