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A Personalized Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony deserves to be unique, just as your story, your love and your relationship is uniquely yours. My professional life’s work is to create an exclusive, personalized wedding ceremony just for you. I'm a writer who has worked with over 850 wonderful couples over the years and will use my experience and resources to craft a 100% original ceremony that celebrates your story, your love and your connection with your guests.


I’ll interview the two of you, hear you tell me your story, what you love and appreciate about one another and how your lives are enhanced being together. I’m skilled at listening, asking all the right questions and giving you creative suggestions to make your wedding ceremony come alive.

Based on what I learn about you, I'll present you with options such as:


  •  Vows

I will arrange a variety of personalized choices and versions of how you can say "I do" to one another.


  • Personal Vows

If you are considering writing your own vows and need help, I'll provide you with guidance to help you to express your deepest sentiments to one another.


  • Readings

I'll provide you with a selection of marriage and love related readings from many authors, poets and literature and I'll suggest creative ways to blend them into your ceremony.


  • Special Ceremonies

I write custom and original Unity Candle, Sand, Wine, Handfasting, Tree Planting and other special ceremonies specifically for you. I can also incorporate traditions or rewrite traditions so that they are even more meaningful to you.


  • The Marriage License

II’ll give you precise, easy instructions on how to obtain your license anywhere in California and will carefully supervise the witness requirements and process your license with the appropriate County Clerk/Recorder office.


  • Rehearsal coordination

If you need a rehearsal, I am very skilled at organizing and directing everyone so that your ceremony unfolds smoothly.


  • Venues

Suggestions, information, photos, maps and driving directions to great local places to hold your ceremony.


  • Vendor partners

I've worked with countless other wedding services professionals and I'm happy to give you any referrals.

I would love to hear your plans so contact me now, as my yearly schedule books up early.


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