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Shelter Cove Beach

Shelter Cove Beach is a small beach located in Shell Beach just south of Dinosaur Caves Park accessed via the Best Western Shelter Cove Lodge. Sheltered, it offers ocean and cliff views and an opening through the rock which is stunning for photos.


I would proimarily suggest this site as a spot for a small ceremony; 3 to 8 people present. There is a magical litte ledge between the rocks that is private and gorgeous. (see photo below).


For the beach, the access to the beach at the bottom of the stairs has been declining over the last few years and the final set of stairs is gone. If you are sure footed, by holding on to the railing, you can get up and down. If you have physically challenged guests, they may watch from the landing above, but hearing the ceremony may not be possible.

Site for a small group (3 to 8)

Low tide

Higher tide

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