In order to get married, you and your fiancé must get a marriage license. You can get a license from the County Clerk/Recorder of any county in California and it is valid anywhere in California for 90 days. You both go in to the Clerk/Recorder office together, complete the form, pay the fee and they issue the license right on the spot and give it to you.


On the day of your wedding you give the license to me, I look it over to make sure that it is valid and then I perform your ceremony. After the ceremony I supervise one or two witnesses to sign the license, I fill in my portion and then file the license with the county Clerk/Recorder. Within 2-14 days the county will record the license and it goes into the records.


If it is just the two of you and you don't have a witness, I can get one for you or you can get a Confidential License in San Luis Obispo county which does not require a witness. 


In a nutshell, you get the license and I take care of the rest!


IMPORTANT: After your marriage license records, you will not receive any confirmation or proof of marriage from the county recorder. And in order to change your name, you must go through Social Security and DMV and you will need Certified Copies of your marriage license. But you can't get a Certified Copy until after the license is filed with the county clerk and recorded. 

So when you go in to get your license, ask the clerk to simply notarize the "Request for a Certified Copy" form so that you can mail it in 2 weeks after the wedding. This will save you a trip back to the Recorder's office just to have the form notarized. Some clerks will do this for you, some won't, but if you explain to the clerk that you don't want to make an extra trip just to get the form notarized, they will likely do it for you.


Here are links to some county clerk websites:


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Santa Barbara County

Fresno County

Kern County

Los Angeles County

Medocino County

Orange County

Sacramento County

San Benito County

San Bernadino County

San Diego County

Santa Clara County

Stanislaus County

Tulare County