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Weddings during COVID-19


If you are planning to marry or are faced with rescheduling or modifying your wedding plans, you’re not alone with your concerns and questions. The entire wedding world is facing the same issues. Presently, I'm working with many couples making various changes to their wedding plans. I'm here to help you on several levels!

What's Happening?

Obviously, the future is impossible to foretell, but one definite seems to be emerging: that the old models of life are changing. Because of many factors, weddings are also changing. For instance, masks, social distancing and limited gatherings are going to be with us for quite some time, likely built into our collective psyche for a long time. Traditional weddings certainly aren't a thing of the past, but smaller, more intimate weddings are already the norm or being planned for health reasons and because of logistics brought on by the virus and its concomitant restrictions.

Many counties are now offering wedding licenses to be obtained via online and video meeting. I suggest that you contact your County Clerk/Recorder for up-to-date information.

You have options!

You will definitely be able to have your beautiful wedding, yet it might look different that the picture you had before. So modify your plans in new ways that you can get enthusiastic about!

I am currently available for different types of wedding situations:


  • In-person wedding ceremony with appropriate social health precautions with limited people present (couple, officiant, photographer/videographer, witness and a limited number of guests)

  • A Dual Ceremony: A micro wedding during restrictions followed by a more traditional ceremony at a later date.

  • Live Video Wedding Ceremony

PLEASE NOTE: At this time I only officiate outdoor weddings with social distancing and I do not officiate indoors.


ll weddings must follow the current California State Guidelines for safety with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click Here for the San Luis Obispo County guidelines.

When to Marry?

I've had couples who have rescheduled out a few months, some as far out as 18 months. Some are waiting to marry on the future date they've set. Some couples are having two ceremonies: an intimate, private Marriage Ceremony sooner and a Wedding Celebration with their families and friends later. And some are marrying now and sharing their ceremony with their loved ones via recorded or live video.


An Appropriate, Personalized Ceremony

I've found that a ceremony that I would write for a Traditional Wedding with families and fiends present may be quite different when it's only the two of you. Each situation is unique and the ceremony needs to be written in it's proper context and with it's appropriate focus. When it's only the two of you, your ceremony can reflect the more intimate aspects of your relationship and marriage. You'll find fresh joy in your union when it's all about just that: marrying each other. If you choose to have another celebration later, you'll have both your first wedding date and your first months of marriage to celebrate!


If you have more questions or would like to chat, I’m easy to reach!


Thanks again and be happy!

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