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About Paul

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Paul Howell, California Wedding Officiant
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My approach to performing weddings is born out of my own experience and what I have learned about how enduring, satisfying relationships thrive.


When life is boiled down to it's essence, the material world fades in comparison to relationships. In fact, there is nothing else like feeling and knowing that "I am loved" and, in turn, feeling a deep love for a person. Building an unshakable marriage based on genuine heartfelt love and mutual respect is the heart of a full and rich life.


I have been involved with and have chaired several types of relationship-based support groups and workshops, attending hundreds of meetings with people from all walks of life; the focus and goal for all being a healthy and gratifying relationship. Some years ago when my marriage with my wife, Kate, was put to test, to say that we worked very hard to transform our marriage would be a great understatement. Yet I can assure you that the rewards are priceless! Our marriage is better than anything I ever thought possible.


As I write an original ceremony, I draw upon my background of working with many couples, navigating successfully through the issues encountered in marriage in order to build deep, emotionally rich and intimate relationships. The wonderful life lessons which have made my marriage and countless others rich and satisfying are part of what I like to incorporate into my ceremonies.


Marriage With Meaning is my heartfelt contribution to the human race, my small gift to those who are celebrating love and commitment and wish to begin their marriage with joyful purpose and with thoughtful meaning. The ceremonies which I write are non-religious, yet I can easily reflect your individual spirituality in a variety of skillful ways. I like to ask questions and listen to you talk about your love, your life and where you want to go together. 


As an experienced wedding officiant, I believe that I have a keen understanding of the elements of a successful relationship and marriage, the intuition to perceive what is important to you as a couple, the writing skills to express those concepts into your wedding ceremony and the public speaking skills to make your wedding day memorable for all. I will write an original, personalized ceremony tailored for you rather than use pre-written templates.


I'd love to meet with you in person, over the phone or video for a free "get acquainted" consultation to find out how we can make your vision of your wedding become reality. Please contact me; I'm easy to talk with and would love to hear from you.

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